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Boy Meets Girl (District Line Ed.)

Boy Meets Girl (District Line Ed.)

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Spray paint and acrylic ink on genuine old / used enamel London Underground Sign.


One of Johnman's renowned romantic railway artworks entitled "Boy Meets Girl", it depicts a chance encounter of a young couple on the London Underground. 


Boy Meets Girl. "He knew from her dress that she was an artistic soul.  He seemed a little over-sure of himself but she couldn't help but love that.  They arranged a date and so, as that one train journey ended a  new romantic adventure began."


"One thing I love about using transparent paints is the dual element that it gives the finished pieces. One can stand back and admire the artwork or get up-close and personal and see the details printed on the media beneath. Preserving and adding fresh interest to these iconic and historic pieces of British design and culture. 


Painted on a genuine, metal and enamelled sign from the London Underground, this artwork is framed in a floating black tray frame.  Being it heavy is also supplied with heavy duty fastening / hanging hardware.

Titled and signed en-verso along with the media used.

A unique piece 1 of 1.

Framed and ready to hang.



70cm x 100cm (72 x 100 x 3cm framed)


Spray paint, acrylic ink and resin on genuine, ex enamel London Underground sign


Framed and ready to hang as pictured



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